Domestic & Social Support

Accompanying you every step of the way

There are a plethora of reasons why someone may feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and anxious when leaving their residence by themselves. The local transport may be poor or you or your loved one maybe prone to falling or might suffer from a general lack of physical mobility. Whatever the case, our escort care service will offer reassurance and peace of mind when out and about. Here at Abacus Care Solutions, we’d be pleased to accompany you, safely, comfortably and on time.

If you live some distance from an elderly relative who needs to be accompanied when leaving their home, our escort facility could be precisely what you need. Most importantly, by choosing an escort care service such as ours, you can have total peace of mind that your relative is in safe hands. We will ensure that they are accompanied each and every step of the way.

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Our escort service covers a wide range of areas including:

•Support, guidance and reassurance
•Assistance with mobility
•Transportation to and from appointments, the doctors, the hospital, and so on
•Pushing shopping trollies
•Carrying groceries
•Picking up medicine from the pharmacy
•Help explaining the advice of GPs and specialists
•Accompanying you to special occasions with family and friends
•Leisure trips – to the theatre, cinema, shopping etc.

Peace of mind

It’s not just medical appointments that we can accompany you too; we can also discreetly accompany you to special occasions or major social events. Our goal is to ensure you get home safely afterwards should this be required. Using our fleet of high-tech, mobility-assisted transport vehicles, we can drastically improve the freedom of movement of our service users.

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Night Care

Here at Abacus Care Solutions, home care doesn’t stop at the end of a working day. On-hand with first-class support throughout the night, we’ll make sure you or your loved one is well-looked after right through the twilight hours, from dusk…

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Escort Support Service Dorset
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Daily Care

Helping people to live independently, at home, for as long as possible is the principal role of Abacus Care Solutions. As old age catches up with us and illnesses become more incapacitating and limiting, the prospect of having a…

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Home Care Services Dorset
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Costs & Funding

A considerably less expensive option to a residential care home, there are many reasons you’d benefit from finding out more about the funding of our comprehensive service contracts. Abacus Care Solutions have got a solution for everyone.